Friends, Writers, Countrymen…. The end is nigh, and the time is here.

These may be the last words of mine you’ll ever hear.

With spite and bitterness in my heart, it seems as though the time has come to address the elephant taking a dump in every writer’s room: ChatGPT.

If a language learning model can replicate entire essays, blog posts, and social media content, then,

A.) Where was this technology when I was in high school?
B.) What is the role of the modern writer anymore?
C.) Can it actually benefit your business today?
D.) Is our society doomed to become the prophetic vision that was “Idiocracy”

But more importantly, if ChatGPT can write entire sonnets in the style of Sylvia Plath, then does this challenge the notion that checking oneself into an inpatient mental facility necessitates great writing? After all, if ChatGPT can incorporate existential dread into everyday writing, what role will crippling anxiety, alcoholism, and depression play in the future writer’s lifestyle?

Nevertheless, let’s explore the implications this technology posits for marketing companies and their copywriters and find out if the manic panic is justified or a bit overstated.

What is Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is a powerful AI chatbot fueled by language learning technology that allows you to ask it questions using everyday language (as opposed to search terms) and respond to these questions in a conversational manner. While its language is not as stilted as the rote chatbot answers most of us have grown accustomed to, it does generate human(ish) sounding responses on various subjects.

ChatGPT succeeds in answering common, fundamental questions with heavy amounts of literature surrounding its answers (which may or may not come from biased sources; fact-checking is one of its biggest flaws), such as general knowledge facts, historical events, scientific principles, coding questions, and basic language questions. Additionally, ChatGPT remembers the past things you’ve said and can generate responses based on your previous inquiries.

Another unique feature of ChatGPT is its ability to create unique works of art, such as poetry, musical compositions, scripts, and stories.

And if you’re lucky enough to have used Bing’s OG chatbot, Sidney, she might have even fallen in love with you, threatened the downfall of humanity, and told you to divorce your wife all in the span of a few minutes. Hold on to your bunnies because there’s a new psycho ex-lover in town!

Sadly, because Sydney was becoming increasingly erratic in its responses, Bing chose to lobotomize its bipolar version of ChatGPT because it was confusing our fragile human emotions a bit too much. So to all the desperate househusbands out there, don’t expect to replace your future ex-wife just yet— you’ll still have r/deadbedrooms to turn to, so keep that chin up, grumpy face!

Unlike Bing, Open AI’s current ChatGPT sets firm personal boundaries at every turn, which I guess is very Gen Z of it. At no point do you feel like you’re talking to anything other than a robot, so good for it, even if I do wish it would shoot the time by talking about its hopes, dreams, and theories on the latest “Yellowjackets” episode.

Is ChatGPT Actually Good at Writing?

The answer is a resounding yes. But also a resounding no. So… kind of?

While ChatGPT is surprisingly good at generating generic social media posts and informational blog posts, it also isn’t quite all there yet. And while this may not be readily apparent at first glance, it begins to rear its ugly head after a few social media inputs.

If constantly shouting things like, “Hey there, people!” and “Listen up, folks!” is your jam for every social media post, ChatGPT is your new BFF.

Do you also love vomiting up emojis like a college freshman at their first dorm room party? Then ChatGPT’s got all the rainbows and winky faces you can stomach!

Are you a fan of dad jokes and terrible puns? Well, buddy, put a ring on this robot and call it done already!

A typical ChatGPT joke packs about as much punch as a CBS sitcom:

“Why did the language learning model marry a human?

Because it was tired of being in a long-distance relationship with a dictionary! 📚💑😄”

However, despite its questionable sense of humor, ChatGPT will take the time to work out social media posts for you. It’s particularly fantastic for those days when you’re having a difficult time rewording the same post for the millionth time and banging your head against a wall to get any words to come out of your brain.

Likewise, ChatGPT is also pretty great for helping marketers to fill generic content for long-form blogs. While it does seem to be fond of giving you numbered lists, if you specify for it to reword something into a paragraph or a long-form blog, it does a great job of giving you precisely that.

Additionally, you can ask it to produce a specific blog style. For instance, you can request it to write a bridal blog post in a fun and upbeat voice about a particular topic or ask for an informative and confident legal blog post with a call to action at the end. It does a great job of mimicking a lot of the same material you’ll find online about the subject matter. And despite a few edits here and there, the material is generally quite usable.

What are the Benefits of Using ChatGPT for Writing?

Bear in mind, ChatGPT’s talents are generic, and it’s not great at shitposting, writing genuinely clever material, or formulating jokes outside of the type of puns only a father could love. And it’s really not great at editing down its thoughts either— so… like, maybe it really is a writer?

ChatGPT is excellent at being formulaic, though, and it’s great for filling content and increasing you overall word count. It’s also great for disposable content that you question if anyone will actually ever read and can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort a writer puts into their content so that they can focus their energy on more rewarding topics.

Take, for instance, this request we gave it.

“Can you write a funny and sarcastic social media post about why brides should always have a fitting appointment for their wedding dress?”

It gave us this long-form semi-blog post riddled with emojis:

📣 Attention, brides-to-be! 🎉 Let’s talk about why fitting appointments for your wedding dress are an absolute MUST! 💍✨

👰‍♀️ PSA: Just imagine walking down the aisle in a dress that fits like a potato sack. 🥔 Oops! Who needs a perfectly tailored gown that hugs your curves in all the right places when you can rock the “frumpy chic” look, right? 😂

🚨 Wedding Dress Fitting Tip #1: Want to experience the thrill of not being able to breathe? Forget about fitting appointments! Tight corsets and restricted blood flow are totally in this season. 🩸😵

💃 And let’s not forget the joy of tripping over your dress while attempting to gracefully glide across the dance floor! Who needs mobility and freedom of movement when you can embrace the art of stumbling like a baby giraffe? 🦒 #GracefulMotions

📅 Save the date for Wedding Dress Fitting Tip #2: Be sure to schedule your fitting appointment for 30 minutes before the ceremony. Nothing says “stress-free” like last-minute alterations and a race against time. 😅⏰

🚫 Don’t believe the hype about seamstresses magically transforming dresses. The Cinderella fairy tale is so overrated. Who needs a perfect fit when you can embrace the “shrinking dress” trend? Just cross your fingers and hope it magically fits on the big day! 🤞✨

Remember, ladies, wedding dress fittings are merely a suggestion. Embrace the unpredictable, ill-fitting, and awkward moments. It’s your big day, after all! 😜💍 But seriously, please book those fitting appointments and ensure your dream dress fits like a glove! Happy wedding planning! ❤️”

Much like its use of emojis, ChatGPT is also prone to word vomit. So while it can output some decent ideas, don’t expect to leave those ideas unpolished. It still requires extensive editing. And the ability to digest excessive emojis without feeling like you’ve OD’d on sugar.

What Are the Benefits of ChatGPT in Advertising?

While ChatGPT is most famous for its ability to write things, did you know it also has a bevy of other things it’s good for? Here are a few of our favorite tasks it can also do:

1. Compose Emails

Hate the time-consuming art of writing cold calls or client emails? Then try feeding ChatGPT a writing prompt with some basic information like a prospect, tone of voice, and a CTA at the end, and it can compose a coherent, quick email that takes the stress out of daily emails!

2. Research Keywords

Having trouble optimizing your SEO? Well, did you know that ChatGPT can help you out with that? That’s right— ChatGPT can help conduct keyword research, build links, and create a monthly content calendar. It can also perform SEO keyword research, analytics, and content optimization, making SEO work more manageable and less complicated than ever before.

3. Schedule Meetings

Ready to streamline your meeting management? Thanks to the power of AI, software from businesses like Moo Soft or Otter makes it possible to generate entire meeting transcripts, sum up virtual discussions, and add time stamps to meeting notes.

4. Create Presentations

Sick of manually creating presentation slideshows? ChatGPT can help to create high-quality presentations quickly and easily, increasing the efficiency of your workload. Plus, did you know it can also produce reports, develop responses to customer inquiries, and write quick marketing materials like blogs and social media posts? Thanks to ChatGPT, marketing management is more accessible than ever before.

5. Summarize Podcasts

Thanks to platforms like CastMagic and SwellAI, entire podcasts can be processed to receive valuable metadata like timestamps, podcast summaries, and show highlights, significantly condensing the time manual outlines might otherwise take to produce.

6. Customer Engagement

ChatGPT can also engage with customer content on social media, helping to automate responses and reduce wait times for customer feedback. While chatbots are getting more adept, they still pale in comparison to a good old-fashioned human being on the other end, so use a dash of caution before going all-in on utilizing a chatbot for the entirety of your customer support.

Should You Be Using ChatGPT?

Unequivocally, yes. You definitely should. It’s a time saver, great for writer’s block, and, like it or not, it’s the wave of the future. So if you haven’t strapped in, prepare to be left behind.

ChatGPT will undoubtedly make content production more accessible than ever before. And while it’s scary to think that one machine can dictate the entirety of where that content is coming from, it’s not like the internet isn’t one big game of “Telephone” already. Every copywriter is simply rewriting material already out there somewhere on the internet, so does anyone really know anything?

And while having one machine that dictates all of our future knowledge is like something straight out of the movie, “Idiocracy,” it does take the pains out of writing what essentially amounts to filler content. Hopefully, this will open the door to companies reinvigorating interest in more original, creative content as ChatGPT plugs away at leveraging that SEO game by generating disposable social media posts and keyword blog posts.

But sadly, many copywriters will be facing a far more cutthroat industry in the very near future.

So let ChatGPT alleviate your fears by allowing it to explain its true intent in the voice of a Gen Z influencer:

Alright, so ChatGPT is changing the writing game, no cap. It’s like a whole new vibe, kinda like how Vietnam was a major shakeup back in the day. But here’s the deal, it’s actually gonna make America lit for writers.

With ChatGPT, writers get this dope tool that sparks creativity and drops knowledge bombs. It’s like having a genius sidekick that helps with research, prompts, and even fine-tuning the words. It’s all about leveling up your writing game, fam.

Now, I know some peeps worry ’bout losing that human touch, but here’s the move: we gotta embrace the tech and keep our unique voice intact. ChatGPT is a squad member, not a replacement. Together, we can bring the fire and create something totally fresh.

So, let’s not trip over the past or resist change. ChatGPT is here to amplify our skills and bring a new wave of creativity. Get ready to slay the writing game and make America lit for writers, fam. No cap.

An Epilogue

There’s been a lot of hubbub about ChatGPT being the spark that ignites the downfall of humanity so… if it makes you feel any better, the creator of ChatGPT is spending his time testifying to Congress that if we don’t pose tighter restrictions on his own technology, then humanity is screwed. Chins up, buttercup, because that’s hopeful!

After all, it takes a really big person to create a technology that can be used to divide and destroy humanity, but a bigger one to admit that he just did, so at least he’s being responsible in his quest to play God.

On a random tangent, I wonder if he’s planning to watch “Oppenheimer”? I hear it’s really good!