Business owner, if you’re not utilizing email marketing, you may be missing out on a ton of new and even recurring business. In fact, according to a recent study, email marketing produces more conversions than social media, and email campaigns result in 28.5% higher ROI compared to direct mail.

While weekly or monthly emails are one of the most common ways for companies to update and connect with their audience, they can be difficult to pull off really well. You have to not only create compelling copy, but also use clear CTAs, design eye-catching templates that work across multiple devices, and more.

If that sounds like a lot, don’t worry. We’re breaking down the dos and don’ts of email marketing below—

The Top Four Do’s of Email Marketing

1. Use Eye Catching Design – Eye catching graphics are what pull the reader’s eye to your important email content. So, make sure your images and other graphics are bold and draw your readers attention to the content you want them to read.

2. Make it Mobile Friendly – Designing your email for mobile-first viewing is crucial in today’s world. It’s important to create an email design with a width of 600px to ensure it appears correctly on any screen size.

3. Provide Clear CTAs – Great content and design are super important, but they won’t ultimately close business. To drive conversions, your readers should immediately know what action to take next and how to take it through clear Call To Action buttons. The CTA button should be front and center and have straightforward expectations, such as “Read more,” “Download now,” or “Email Us.”

4. Send a Test Email – Always always always send a test email. Then go through it and double check every element of your email including grammar, typos, and links!

The Top Three Don’ts of Email Marketing

1. Write a Vague Subject Line – A great subject line often makes the difference between an open and a “Move to Trash.” You want to develop a subject line that’s both catchy and concise, with 9 words or fewer. The average modern consumer has an extremely short attention span, so your subject line needs to not only grab their attention, but also entice them to take the time to open your email and see what it contains.

2. Forget about Accessibility – Over 2.2 billion people live with a form of vision impairment, so accessibility online is super important. You want to make sure you don’t alienate members of your target audience, while also missing out on potential business. To learn more about online accessibility, you can read our Online Accessibility Blog!

3. Ignore the Metrics – Repeat after me: metrics are your best friend. Most email platforms provide free full analytics reports that can really benefit you. Checking your delivery rate, bounce rate, open rate, click-through rate, website visits, and more can help you see where you may need to improve your campaign!

Also, if you want to take a deep dive into analytics and really improve your campaigns, consider A/B testing your emails to determine the most effective subject lines, CTAs, time to send, and more.


Email marketing is a proven marketing tactic that can have a great ROI. But running a successful email campaign isn’t as easy as writing content and hitting “send.” Need some additional ideas for your next email campaign? We’d love to help!

Almost everyone we know jumped into the Christmas spirit a bit early this year. Because let’s be real… 2020 just needed the extra days of cheer! ????

Speaking of Christmas cheer, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be well, the opposite of cheer… but we’re here to make it as easy and fun as possible.

2020 is the Year to Shop Local

Plus, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that we’ve lost some of our very favorite local businesses in 2020, like The Chocolate Moose, Husk, Dark Corner Distillery (store front), and so many more. And there are still so many small businesses that continue to struggle after the shut down, so we think it’s the perfect time to band together and support local Upstate businesses this Christmas instead of big-box or online stores.

So, we compiled a list of local businesses that offer great products and fun experiences here in the Upstate. We promise you’ll be able to find something for everyone on your list, whether it’s your sweet little niece or your impossible-to-shop-for mother in law. ????

Gifts Under $50

For Her:

Mercy Verity Candles – These are hands down the BEST candles.

Given Goods – Fair trade & cause conscious clothes, jewelry, gifts, and more.

Southern Girl Chic Boutique Items – We love this local boutique!

Psalm 91 Studio Jewelry – Give the gift of local, handmade jewelry!

For Him:

Oxford Barber Giftcard or Grooming Essentials – His hair and beard will be on point in 2021.

Billiam Jeans – Get him a GVL hat or beanie… or even a custom pair of jeans.

The Cigar Boxx – Their cedar humidor is filled with small boutique and specialty cigars. Plus they have a private smoking lounge.

Savereign – Hey, guys like plants, too. Get a good one for your proud #plantdad.

For Anyone:

Buena Onda Games & Other Mast General Store Items – Buena Onda games are fair trade & support the Mayan people in Guatemala. Plus they’re tons of fun!

Local Stature – Laser cut wood maps, coasters, and ornaments with all of your favorite places around the world.

Dark Corner Distillery Spirits – Their storefront closed, but you can still support them by shopping online!


Greenville Zoo Membership – Help support the zoo and give your family the gift of experiences together!

Smash Room Experience – Get out some of your 2020 rage!

Hollowed Earth Pottery Classes – Learn a new skill and make your own coffee mugs! Win-win.

Urban Air Membership – Your kids are gonna love this.

Gift Cards At Any Price:

Unlocked Coffee Roasters – We love this new coffee shop & coffee beans under the tree…

AO- The Space Salon & Spa – Sometimes the perfect gift is some relaxation.

Monogram Concierge – Give the gift of time & help. (Great for that mother-in-law who has everything!)

Sidewall Pizza – Pizza. Need we say more?

Kuka Juice – For your vegan friend!

Willy Taco – Tacos make the perfect gift.

13 Stripes Brewery – For the beer lover in your life!


This list is by no means exhaustive. There are SO many great small businesses here in the Upstate, and we like to think that’s one of the many things that makes it so great. As we wrap up 2020, let’s keep killing COVID while we keep small businesses alive! Come tell us your small business gift ideas here.