The devil works hard, but the Instagram development team works harder… It seems like every week there is a new feature to try.

Honestly, it can be a lot… even for us, and we work in Social Media. But as always, we’ve got your back… so we put together a handy list of new features you may want to utilize! Here they are:

“Add Yours” Sticker

Chances are you’ve already seen at least one person share the new “Add Yours” sticker to their Story. The sticker is exactly how it sounds: you add a photo that matches whatever the prompt is.

The “Add Yours” sticker is set up to be a chain reaction that starts with the poster’s followers and then spreads to any user on Instagram. It’s a huge opportunity for reaching a new audience and driving engagement.

How to:

  1. Tap to add a new Story
  2. Tap the Sticker icon
  3. Choose Add Yours Sticker
  4. Type a theme or choose from the available questions/topics
  5. Post the Story

Link In Stories For Everyone

FINALLY—everyone has the ability to add links in their Instagram Story— now via Stickers. (Yes, even those with less than 10K followers!)

Instagram has officially retired the Swipe Up link in Stories that was exclusive to those with 10k+ followers. Now Link Stickers appear on screen just like any other Instagram Stories sticker — but with the addition of a link icon!

What makes this great news even better is that now viewers can react and reply to a Story that includes a link, which allows for more engagement. Previously, Stories with links could not be replied to.

“Collab” On Feed & Reels

Collabs allow users to be able to co-create & co-post Instagram feed posts and Reels – allowing both accounts to potentially reach new audiences through each other.

How to:

Once you upload your post, go to the Share screen like you normally do, but then tap “Tag People.”

There will be a choice in the bottom right to “Invite Collaborator.” Tap that & search to find the user you want to collab with.

Upload Photos And Videos From Desktop

Users can now post Feed images or videos from the desktop app on their computer!

How to:

Log in to Instagram on a PC or Mac and click “+” at the top of the screen.

Then drag and drop a photo or video from your computer, edit your visual, write your caption, add your hashtags, and then post!

Text-To-Speech Feature On Instagram Reels

Yep, this popular TikTok feature is now available on Instagram Reels!

This new feature is great for story telling. It’s a robotic voice-over that sounds a little like Siri (or Alexa for you Android users).

How to:

First, use the regular text tool and type out what you’d like to say onto your Story.

Then, tap on the text button at the bottom of the screen until the “hidden” menu pops up, then select “Text-to-Speech.”

“Limits” To Hide Abusive Messages

Instagram is finally working hard to protect its users from abusive or bullying comments and DMs.

“Limits” now allows users to limit or hide comments/messages coming from users who are not following or who have just followed.

This option is available globally for all Instagram users using the app.

How to:

  1. Got to Settings
  2. Then Privacy
  3. Then Limits
  4. Choose what group you would like to limit and for how long
  5. Click Turn On

Hidden Words

Like “Limits,” another feature that Instagram hopes will protect users and have a positive impact on mental health is the option to hide certain words in comments or direct messages.

This feature allows users to filter certain words, phrases, and emojis that they find offensive. Any message or comment that includes a hidden word will be redirected to a separate “hidden” folder.

How to:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then Privacy
  3. Then Hidden Words
  4. Choose what words you want to filter

Instagram Reels Play Bonuses

Facebook (Err… Meta) recently announced that they are committed to investing over $1 Billion in programs for creators through 2022.

To sum it up: creators make money based on the number of plays their Reels get.

As long as you have a business or creator account (and access to the program) all you have to do is share a Reel to Facebook or Instagram. Instagram will pay out on Reels that get at least 1,000 views over a 30-day period.

Final Thoughts

Whew! You made it through the list. Like we always say… don’t feel like you have to do it all or keep up with those pesky Joneses… But did you see a few you’d like to try? We hope so!

If after reading all of this you’re just DONE trying to go this alone, we would love to help with a social media strategy session or even full social media account management. Let’s chat!