Our Values

Who We Are

Tangible is an innovative, content-centric marketing agency committed to delivering systematic, dependable results for businesses. We are a tight-knit team of marketing experts, branding aficionados, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and copywriters from around the globe, dedicated to tackling the intricacies of complex content and elevating businesses in the digital sphere. Founded by Anthony and Joanna Reese in 2011, Tangible Strategies has a simple mission: to empower businesses & nonprofits with strategic marketing and design efforts that generate tangible results.

Why We Do What We Do

Our passion lies in navigating the complexities of technical industries and providing tailored solutions that resonate with our clients’ unique challenges and objectives. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of your industry, we craft compelling narratives, design innovative strategies, and develop high-quality content that sets you apart from the competition.

Our Team


Joanna is always looking for her next challenge, which may explain why she thrives managing a small business while raising three kids and serving as director for an international nonprofit. With an education in international marketing, years of experience in corporate America, and a passion for entrepreneurship, her strategic plans combine both traditional and out-of-the-box tactics, ensuring maximum ROI for every client. A tried-and-true Enneagram 8, Joanna isn’t afraid to roast someone when necessary, but she’s also everyone’s biggest cheerleader—which makes her the absolute perfect fearless leader for our team.


Born in the North, raised in the South, first-generation American—Kiko loves art, history, science, literature, trivia, hiking, rock climbing, and general tomfoolery. He approaches each digital marketing project with a go-getter attitude and thrives on researching new topics and tactics. Catch him telling jokes around the office—but don’t let his outer shell fool you, he’s a deep thinker, too. Next time you see him, make sure to ask him his favorite song from Encanto.


Anthony is one of those few people on Earth who is both right- and left-brained—as in, he can think both analytically and creatively. He spends his time behind the computer developing websites, overseeing design strategy, and writing content. He was born and bred in a family of small business owners in Hendersonville, NC, so it comes as no surprise that the entrepreneurial genes rubbed off on him.


Emma may be new to the marketing world, but she’s already proven she’s a force. With a degree in English, she has a knack for copy editing… and it’s her attention to detail that truly keeps this place running. When she’s OOO, you can probably find her reading or baking. There’s nothing she loves more than a fun game night with family & friends. (And by fun, she means extremely competitive— Don’t let her Enneagram 9 title “Peacemaker” fool you….)


While currently living in Chile, Marcus was born and raised in Romania. As our graphic designer and an Enneagram type 1 (the Perfectionist), Marcus’ Illustrator files have already cleaned up any spare paths, anchor points, and lines. His skills don’t end here, as he adds so much to the team through his passion for evidence-based branding and marketing. On any given day, you will probably find him with a strong espresso in hand, enjoying a walk, or playing the guitar.


Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brett loves all things brisket, barbecue, tacos, and mezcal. When she’s not busy wielding words as her weapon, she can often be found tending to her loose amalgamation of dead plants. A lover of pop culture and television, if you’re looking for someone to deep dive into your favorite show with, she’s your gal!


Cheryl is such an asset to this team! Born and raised in the Lowcountry, South Carolina is home to Cheryl, and she has been living in Greenville for the last 7 years. A visionary with a bit of an old soul, she enjoys intentional quality time with people, sunflowers, beach sunrises, art, poetry, fur friends, NEEDTOBREATHE concerts, and cozy blankets.

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